Welcome to the Space Coast Geocaching Association!

Our Mission Statement: "Promoting the hobby of geocaching along the Space Coast and surrounding areas through education, commitment and leading by example.

"Our Motto: "Take Pride in Your Hide!"

We hope that our Mission Statement and our Motto will be evident as you wander from cache to cache along Florida's scenic Space Coast. There is no formal membership, dues or board members. Just a group of friendly geocachers that love this hobby, and are committed to keeping it going forward. We are an actively social group that loves getting together at events, both as hosts and as attendees, and we extend an open invitation to everyone to join us for some quality schmoozing. 

The Space Coast Geocaching Association is proud to be home to the original retail geocaching store in the entire country.  Our store is practically bristling with just about everything you could ever want, from ammo cans to geocoins, and is ground zero for the most favorite traditional cache in the state, GC15RQB.  Stay tuned, and visit often, to stay updated on all the neat happenings going on around here.

We are asked all the time about membership and how do I join.  Well everyone is welcome to consider themselves part of the Space Coast Geocachers.  We welcome everyone.  There are no formal officers or anything like that.  There are no dues to join either.  So if you are interested just join our Facebook group or attend one of our events and consider yourself part of our group!
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